Global CMO Research Findings

Friday 18 September 2020

No one could have predicted Covid-19 and how much it would derail the year as it has. Now, as we embark on building back better, the timing feels right to share the insight from VCCP Business’ latest research with fifty CMO’s of the world’s largest B2B companies. Read how improving customer experience remains the No.1 challenge for all global CMOs. And of the five underlying principles of great customer experience, Integrity is ranked highest and Personalisation ranked lowest.

Download here ‘Maintaining Relevance through Customer Experience’, the summary report of the findings and our interpretation of what the priorities are for B2B CMOs in 2020 and beyond. Please get in touch if would like to discuss how we can help your business respond to your B2B challenges.

CSM revamps North American leadership

CSM’s current CEO, Dan Mannix, is moving into a senior advisor role. Christa Carone, who is currently President of CSM NA, will be assuming Minnix’s role as leader of North America.

Mannix took up the CEO role at CSM NA in May 2018, while Carone joined as President in January.

On the changes, Group CEO, Matt Vandrau, said: “The value of Dan Mannix’s contributions to our business and to the overall industry cannot be overstated and we are excited that he is staying part of CSM’s family in his Senior Advisor role.

“I’m thrilled that Christa is bringing her deep marketing and broad management experience to the North American leadership role.  She offers a unique client perspective as well as an entrepreneurial growth mindset that will continue to challenge us to be agile and creative in serving our clients and motivating our people.”

Chime Pride Get Together

Wednesday 16 September 2020

Our annual Chime Pride Get Together will be taking place on Thursday 25th June. This speaker panel event will be followed by Q&As and a chance to hang out after.

The speaker line-up is seriously impressive so make sure you don’t miss out:

Sandy Downs and Melissa McGowann – Chime Colleagues: Introducing the event, educating us on the connected history of pride and black people as well as helping us understand terms, pronouns and some queer slang.

Christopher Kenna – Founder and CEO of Brand Advance, diversity advocate in media and advertising and military veteran: Talking about his experience in this new environment of Pride and BLM and helping us understand the importance of reaching queer, niche audiences in their communities.

Ethan Spibey and Soren Scharf – Founders of Proud Beer, queer activists and campaigners: Talking about the challenge of running a queer brand that is both representative and gives back to a diverse community.

Rich Miles – CEO and co-founder the Diversity Standards Collective: Telling us about their research, project and findings into racism and their new programme to help organisations in the aftermath of BLM protests.

Fashion Goes Digital

Since lockdown, our lives have all become more virtual – and the world of fashion is no exception. VCCP’s Innovation Lead, Peter Gasston, investigated this emerging trend for The Marketing Society, and analysed its implications for the future of retail and sustainability.

Read the fascinating piece here.

Give me a compass, not a crystal ball

A view from VCCP’s Founder and Chairman, Charles Vallance: 

Things become axiomatic because, broadly, they’re true.

A stitch in time frequently does save nine. Many a true word is, indeed, often spoken in jest. Clichés such as these stick because they are reliable, if imperfect, guides.

Of the many clichés doing the rounds at the moment, one that seems to be bearing up well to overuse is the old saying that a crisis “brings out the best and worst in us”. Time and again, we see evidence of this essential truth – a truth that applies equally to brands as it does to people.

There is a clue within the wording that provides an important protection against the biggest danger facing brands during the crisis, which is to overestimate how much Covid-19 will change the way your brand should behave. I say this because, although the virus is undoubtedly having a massive impact on behaviours and attitudes, these impacts don’t alter the fundamentals for a brand.

Perhaps the biggest fundamental to consider is that people don’t really change, as Bill Bernbach memorably observed: “It took millions of years for man’s instincts to develop. It will take millions more for them to even vary… a communicator must be concerned with unchanging man, with his obsessive desire to survive, to be admired, to succeed, to love, to take care of his own.”

In a crisis, it is easy to forget the inherently long-term nature of brand-building and to get moved around by the headwinds rather than the tide.

Jeff Bezos is another marketing titan who reminds us of this point. In one of his most famous quotes, he contrasts the frequency with which he gets asked “What’s going to change in the next 10 years” with the scarcity of how often he’s asked “What’s not going to change?”. His conclusion is simple: “I submit to you that the second question is actually the more important of the two – because you can build a business strategy around things that are stable in time.” You can build a brand strategy around them as well.

Obsessing about what is going to change is not only less revealing, it is also more complicated and thus more likely to get you to the wrong answers. According to Bezos, one of the advantages of asking what’s not going to change is that it’s a far easier question to answer: “When you identify those big ideas that are stable in time, they’re usually customer needs. You don’t have to do a lot of research. These things are so big and so fundamental – you know it.”

The implications are clear. While the effects of Covid-19 will be serious and lasting, people and their needs will fundamentally remain the same. So will the brands that succeed. This is not, however, an argument for stasis. Far from it. To paraphrase the old adage I quoted earlier, every brand can use the crisis to bring out the best in themselves and drive out the worst.

The point to highlight, the clue I mentioned lurking in the wording, is that the answer does not lie outside the brand, it lies within. We need to “bring it out”, not graft it on. This is not a time for grandstanding or superficial gestures. This is a time for brands to dig deep into themselves and latch on to what they do best. What they have always done best. They need to be a heightened version of themselves, not a retrofitted post-Covid identikit slapped on from the outside.

I could mention a few VCCP client examples of heightened brand permanence, but that would look like favouritism. So, instead, I’ll use the updated Budweiser “Wassup” ad to illustrate the point. This is an ad that is so old, it first ran in the last millennium, but it’s as true today as it was back then. Bud is, was and always will be about the idiosyncrasies and occasional profundities of true camaraderie. Of course, the updated ad needs the voiceover tweaking to reflect the new socially distanced context, but the overall truth of the message remains the same as when the ad originally aired back in 1999. Moreover, it will remain the same if we fast-forward to 2041. Or 2062.

When the waters are choppy, you don’t need a crystal ball. You need a compass. A compass not only guides you forward, most importantly it tells you where you’ve come from. This is the only way to plan a course and safely reach your destination.

VCCP win Walkers account

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Walkers has awarded it’s advertising account to VCCP after a competitive pitch.

White Door Consulting and Tina Fegent assisted with the process.

Julian Douglas, Vice-Chairman at VCCP, said: “Walkers is an iconic brand, creating some of the most memorable advertising in history, and we are thrilled and delighted to be their partner in creating the next chapter. A massive thanks to the whole team at Walkers and White Door Consulting for running a superb process under lockdown. It showed what is possible and we can’t wait to get started.”


Thursday 29 August 2019

Lynxthe UK’s leading male grooming brand, has launched its latest TVC featuring long standing ambassador Anthony Joshua OBE, and his ‘Ice Chill Crew’, comprising of Manchester United and England Midfielder Jesse Lingard, UK rapper Tinie Tempah and YouTube star Calfreezy, to promote the brand’s new range of grooming essentials, Lynx Ice Chill

Following on from the brand’s ‘Ice Chill’ campaign, the 20” hero advert, which premiered on Sky, sees the crew aboard Lynx’s new Ice Chill Van, as they begin their hunt for men in need of some ‘chill advice’. The brand’s mantra is that men will feel their ‘most confident self’ when they’re chill, so the guys are on hand to show them how it’s done with the help of Lynx Ice Chill.

The ad, which we created in collaboration with sister agency VCCP, shows Joshua behind the wheel of the van, as they find their first target and halt the van alongside a 5-aside football team. Here they spot a player busting out a robot goal celebration to the embarrassment of his teammates, before being stopped in his tracks by Jesse Lingard from the side window. Lingard interrupts and reminds him ‘Less is More’, before throwing him a can of Lynx’s new Ice Chill Anti-Perspirant.
In other spots by the brand, Tinie Tempah steps in to dispense some advice from the van to a young guy who’s gone OTT with speakers, and to another who has taken his wild gap year attire and accessories back to London. Calreezy also calls out from the hatch to remind a VR gamer to stop manically chopping in the air like an uncoordinated ninja.

These will be live across TV, social, broadcast VOD, online video and OOH.

Jamie Brooks, Lynx Brand Manager said: “It was great to get the Ice Chill Crew back again together to launch our Ice Chill range and remind young guys everywhere to try less hard. It’s important young men feel they can have the confidence to be themselves without going over the top to impress others, because we know, you’re hotter when you’re chill.”  

Anthony Joshua said: “The Lynx Ice Chill van was a great day with the rest of the crew – Jesse, Cal and Tinie. This is my fourth year working with Lynx, but I’m really excited to launch this campaign, as I’m a big believer in the message behind this of giving guys the confidence to be themselves.”

Jesse Lingard added: “We had a lot of laughs in the Ice Chill Van, although I’m not sure if I’ve got a future as an ice cream man!”

To celebrate the campaign, fans can enter to win one four top prizes with each of the Ice Chill Crew. Up for grabs is an Anthony Joshua training session, signed Jesse Lingard clothing items, Tinie Tempah WWW merchandise, and a gaming console with a signed Calfreezy copy of FIFA and a Rebel FC t-shirt. 10 runners up can also win one of the special Anthony Joshua Limited Edition Ice Chill Anti-Perspirant Cans.

Visit the Lynx website here to enter the competition and view exclusive behind the scenes content for the new ads.

For the third year running, Lynx has created special limited editions cans featuring Anthony Joshua. The Ice Chill range will see Joshua across Lynx Ice Chill Body Spray 150ml and Lynx Ice Chill Shower Gel 250ml.

Available nationwide in all UK leading supermarkets and drug stores, the Lynx Ice Chill range has been created to help guys on every step of their grooming routine including: Lynx Ice Chill Body Spray, Body Wash, Anti-Perspirant and Shower and Shave Foam.

For more information on the campaign visit:

Domino’s appoints VCCP as lead creative and strategic agency

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Domino’s came to Britain in 1985 and is recognised as the UK and Ireland’s favourite pizza company, delivering around 100 million freshly made pizzas every year.
Tony Holdway, Sales and Marketing Director of Domino’s, said:

“After a thorough pitch process during which we saw some truly amazing agencies and work, we are pleased to announce the appointment of VCCP as our new creative and strategy agency.

VCCP’s understanding of Domino’s and their creative ambition to cement Domino’s position as a brand icon shone through, and we look forward to establishing a successful long-term partnership. Iris will continue to work with Domino’s in a digital, social and local marketing capacity.”

Shell appoints VCCP to their ‘agency of the future’ roster

Shell Retail and Shell Global Commercial (Lubricants) have appointed VCCP and VCCP Retail to their best-in-class agency roster. They will work alongside six other creative agencies to help enhance Shell’s global brand and marketing voice as part of their global ‘Agency of the Future’.

Adrian Coleman, Group CEO of VCCP said; “Shell is a universally recognisable brand and this win signifies the breadth and depth of our global capabilities. We can’t wait to start working with the team to make a positive impact on their business.”

Julian Douglas, Vice Chairman of VCCP said; “Shell as an energy company is at the frontier of the Energy transition. As the challenger agency, VCCP can’t wait to join them on their journey.”

The new roster will formally commence on the 1st September.

Energy as Nature Intended


Britvic owned Purdey’s has released its first campaign with VCCP, featuring documentary-style realism to highlight the energising power of nature.

This will be the first ‘natural energy drink’ to advertise on TV, positioning itself as a more natural alternative to traditional energy drinks.

With energy cited as the fastest growing reason why people drink soft drinks, Purdey’s is well positioned to tap into this desire without compromising on health as it contains no added sugar, caffeine or other artificial ingredients.

This new campaign takes inspiration from the surprising amount of energy found in the natural world. As energetic hummingbirds transform into the iconic Purdey’s bottle, the film demonstrates how it is possible to get an energy lift from the naturally sourced ingredients in a Purdey’s like fruit juices, botanicals, and added B vitamins.

‘When people think of nature, they often picture calm, tranquil environments. We wanted to show that there is actually a surprising amount of energy in nature, therefore demonstrating the power of a natural energy drink. Hummingbirds can beat their wings over 70x a second, hover and fly both backwards and forwards, making them the perfect heroes of our ad.’

Tony Hector, Creative Director (VCCP Blue)