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VCCP launch Macmillan’s new campaign
Jun 8, 2017

Based on the insight that 85% of people with cancer don’t want to be defined by the disease, Macmillan’s new campaign, Life with Cancer, explores what ordinary life looks like when you’re living with a cancer diagnosis.

The campaign signifies a shift from Not Alone, Macmillan’s previous campaign. Though it doesn’t shy away from the physical and emotional struggles, the spots focus on one important, positive message: life with cancer is still life. It’s a campaign about hope – about the moments where your life is just your life, and not your life with cancer.

Running across print, OOH, radio and TV and a social campaign that builds across the year, Life with Cancer reflects new insights from people living with cancer, who say spending time with their friends and family can help them feel ‘normal’ when they are going through treatment. The various executions show a series of important relationships and how these don’t have to change just because you have cancer.