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VCCP Group Launches Bernadette
Apr 28, 2022

Bernadette brings together strategy & execution to make breakthrough products & services.

VCCP Group, the global challenger network, has today announced the launch of a new breed of Product & Service Innovation company, Bernadette. Born out of the 12 year heritage of the customer experience arm of the VCCP Group, VCCP CX, Bernadette is on a mission to bridge the gap between ‘digital strategy’ and the execution of ‘digital experiences’ to make breakthrough products & services.

Strategies, like ideas, are worthless to brands if they cannot be executed. Likewise, isolated and incremental improvements are highly unlikely to make a big impact. Bernadette has been engineered to put strategy into action, with a focus on helping brands break through – whether that’s the design and delivery of digital products and services that truly stand apart, or helping clients break through the many internal barriers standing in the way of getting there in the first place. Bernadette is directly targeting the big digital transformation consultancies, who typically lack practical execution experience – and the smaller digital execution agencies, who are typically divorced from brand purpose.

Bernadette launches with a commitment to bring strategy and execution together in one uncompromising collaborative solution – inventing new category-leading products and services, supercharging existing ones, and activating customer engagement and advocacy with digital experiences. In the process Bernadette will help their clients speed time to market, save wasted time and money, ensure that brand purpose and impact is delivered tangibly from idea to customer touchpoint and launch truly landmark digital experiences that go the distance – across the whole digital ecosystem. To directly underpin this commitment with their business model, Bernadette will work actively to tie its revenues directly to the desired outcomes for its client engagements – breaking the traditional rate card-based, project by project agency model.

With a team of 85 specialists from the world of strategy, design and engineering, Bernadette is headquartered in London and led by CEO, Scott Ewings. Ewings notably led Fjord, Ustwo and Potato in the UK, helping to establish them all as outstanding digital product and venture studios.