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Workplace for Meta
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Workplace from Meta is collaboration software that exists to bring everyone in a company together, ensuring every voice is heard. Needing to step out of the shadows of its consumer parent brand the challenge was to quickly raise awareness and establishing credibility with a business audience. It also needed to counter the negative news cycles surrounding Facebook.


Enter our Deskless not voiceless campaign, with high-impact insight and creative that would generate headlines and showcase its value to a business audience. Giving those without a traditional ‘desk’ a voice we leveraged the key USP, that Workplace can be easily rolled out across a whole business, because of its social DNA, mobile friendly design and minimal training requirements.

Originally launched in 2019 the integrated campaign explored the frustrations and lack of communication felt by frontline employees. The campaign was grounded in the insight that 80% of workers (a 2.7bn person-strong portion of the global working population) do not sit in front of a desk, along with the truth that this 80% are largely forgotten or overlooked by technology providers and employers alike.

Whilst the original objectives remained, in 2021 the platform became even more relevant due to the pandemic. The frontline suddenly had mainstream recognition like never before. And with The Great Resignation gaining momentum, Workplace needed to join the cultural conversation with its own unique perspective.

So in 2022, we kicked things up a notch with insight-drive thought leadership and emotive video content, telling the story of frontline workers and spotlighting life on the frontline at Virgin Atlantic and Royal Ambulance.

Our annual Deskless not Voiceless: Frontline Barometer surveyed 7,000 frontline workers and 1,350 c-suite leaders to get an honest measure of the frontline experience globally. Brought to life through an in-depth thought leadership report and interactive digital experience site the results highlighted the very real threat, with 57% of frontline workers planning to leave their current positions for a better paid role and 45% considering leaving the frontline altogether.
A series of short documentary films showcasing Workplace clients Virgin Atlantic and Royal Ambulance demonstrated the impact of the technology without showing the technology itself – a rarity in B2B. Whilst the go to market strategy included using the campaign to pre announce Workplace’s integration with WhatsApp, reiterating its commitment to keeping frontline employees connected.


The results speak for themselves. After just 6 weeks in-market, and only using owned and earned channels, the campaign has landed 50+ pieces of media coverage, with usage up 40% in 2021.

As the cornerstone of Workplace’s global marketing communications, the campaign is a rallying cry to give frontline workers the respect and empathy they deserve – positioning Workplace as a business that truly understand their needs.